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Reason has arrived!

Two days ago my very own copy of Reason 2.5 arrived at my doorstep and I still haven't made anything with it! I'm in exams at uni at present, so I might not get to for a little while.

Hope inspiration comes to me soon, I look forward to meeting you all and sharing many musical ideas.

Scott. (the balloonist)
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Very nice for you! Enjoy! ;) [n/t]

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Re: Reason has arrived!

Kick ass!

(oops) not *those* balloons.

More fool me. ;-)

Don't get us wrong, we, even I, welcome you, wherever you come from. You may even be a GIRL!!! (perish the thought, I think there may even be ONE-but she's got more spunk than I do in my little finger). But that does not mean you will be automatically offended (in my personal experience).

No reply necessary. Let's move on....
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Re: Reason has arrived!

Welcome to Reason Scott!

I hope you are prepared for sleepless nights and a lessening social life. Oh wait, perhaps that is why you bought Reason in the first place.

Your journey to enlightenment is about to begin. All Reason-able questions are welcome. Occasionally, some of us here actually do have good answers! Though I'm not sure I can claim that.


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