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reverb alternatives. . .

I like to put some reverb on my snares on certain hip hop tracks, to give it that old cypress hill/mobb deep sound.

but i don't really like the way reason's reverb unit colors the sound - it gives the sample a digital machine like robotic sound rather than that certain warmth i am looking for.

Any suggestions as to some better reverb plug ins, alternatives, etc??

thanks in advance.
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Re: reverb alternatives. . .

It may not be the sound you are looking for but I get fantastic results with Scream4 on snares. The BODY settings can really bring a snare to the "front" of the mix.

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Re: reverb alternatives. . .

yup rob is right, as well u can rewire the channels into pro-tools, and use either an external revern unit(an analog one) or use the ones in pro-tools.
I'd just use the scream 4 personally

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Re: reverb alternatives. . .

You don,t need anything but the RV7000
what you do need to do is play around with it some more....I made the same mistake thinking I had to rewire etc to get a decent reverb but trust me the RV7000 is a top notch unit and god only knows what you would pay for it if it were VST/direct x
If I could give one tip it would be this try reducing the diffuse
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Re: reverb alternatives. . .

Sounds like you may still be using 1.0 or 2.0. In 2.5 there are two reverb units, the second being RV7000. This upgrade is free to registered users (hint, hint - yet another reason to register!) This verb is equal to many plugs I see in Pro Tools and others. Also see steven's post.

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