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Old 2004-12-02, 09:05
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New Track - Tribal Venom (Punchy Tribal synth dance)

I went about this tune totally different in Reason and focused on drum technique first. Utilizing multiple redrums at different speeds etc and a couple of dr rex loops.

Then I focused on linked subtractors, filtering of grouped sounds, complex spit reverb channels and punchy compression.

The result is a complex synth tribal dance tune that had me butting my head against the wall a few times trying to make it full and smooth. it is. I'll let you guys give me your thoughts on the success or failure of this tune.

Go here for 'Tribal Venom'
Old 2004-12-02, 12:00
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omarhashim omarhashim is offline
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Re: New Track - Tribal Venom (Punchy Tribal synth dance)

Honestly ... all I can tell you right now is to make that kick to really KICK. It's so low in volume, buried and drowned in there, no punch at all. Are you able to fix this?
Old 2004-12-02, 16:27
doinky doinky is offline
Join Date: Nov 2002
Posts: 1,855
How about this.....(alternate link, alternate file)

This is an alternate track. Mastered with T-rack to match the kick that the Tune Zion (From the matrix) has which is what my tune is similar too.

Check it out (different link to this one) and let me know. Otherwise you'll have to give me a little bit more detail Omar.

And thanks for listening Omar. Cheers!
Link to alternate 'Tribal Venom' (T-Rack mastering)

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