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Any Beginner Sound Design Programs?


I am interested in Sound Design I know there are a few visual Sound Design programs out there such as: Reaktor or Kyma, but they are too advance right now for me....

Is there anything in the market that is an easy, basic, simple, first time, first learner visual SOUND DESIGN PROGRAM????

As well....
Are there any easy starter books to read on Sound Design?

I have Curtis Roads BIBLE BOOK on "Computer Music" but it's not simple at all....or interesting...or inviting.

I do not mean the concepts in the book, the concepts i get, its just the really bad writing.

too serious, too boring, too alienating.

he is not the teacher for me, are there any others out there?

Hope you can help...

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Re: Any Beginner Sound Design Programs?

For starting small and simple, besides Reason, there's the Arturia Moog Modular V synth, if you want flexible hands-on cable patching within "traditional" boundaries.

Then there's Absynth, with 3 or 4 types of synthesis per osc including drawable waveforms and spectra, and an extensive modulation scheme accommodating loopable env curves or LFO's for any parameter you like. Very hands-on, visual.

But if you're serious about learning sound design from the inside out, you really ought to reconsider Reaktor or Kyma, or Max/MSP ( there are others, of course). Having a single program to work with will keep you focused. You must start small and concentrate to conquer the initial learning curve, but thereafter you'll be free to do pretty much as you please which is, afterall, what you want, isn't it? NI has Reaktor online tutorials to help ease you into its waters.

Get a book that focuses on the software you're using rather than general dissertations on the subject. What you learn is useless unless you can do it and hear it on your own system!

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