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At his point it should be clear for everyone that Reason is not going to implement
a) Midi out
b) Audio in
c) Vst support

Since it is not trivial to say that there are many users that need these features or feel that they productivity would be enhanced with them, my suggestion is that Propellerheads improve INTEGRATION with DAW hosts.

When the Props do something, they do it right. Look at the controller implementation of 3.0. It is a great feature greatly misregarded by everyone. Waaaaaay better than controller support in SX or Logic.

Then, following this philosophy, I suggest them to give a rehaul to integration with hosts. It is not that complicated. Just let Reason become a VST(i) plugin as other apps have done in the past. Reaktor was not always a plugin and not so was Fruity Loops. But when you use them as such you unleash their full potential.

With this only feature, everyone would have everything they cry for: Audio In/Out, Midi In/out, Total Recall when linked to a host, Audio recording... Only by linking Reason to a cheap VST host like Tracktion (or any other) everyone would get the "missing" features. It also wouldn't spoil the concept of Reason being a "closed" environment.

I know it is already possible to do all the above mentioned with the current implementation of Rewire. It just needs to be perfected, in a similar way that controller support was already there in 1.0 but now... it is in a different league.

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