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Hi Propellerheads,

Reason's modular technology would lend itself fantastically to includig a network editor. By that i mean the type of network editor that displays each device as a node, and allows you to connect and assemble complex operator networks (the devices beign the operators) in a flow-diagram format. Each node allows direct access to the device's input/output data.

This would be a new optional (detatched/floating) window enabling users to quickly create, edit connections and visualise the structure of the project.

The idea comes form working with programs such as Digital Dusion and Shake(visual compositing for film and video), Maya and Houdini (3d animation). I believe it would be a tremendous working tool for advanced users, who wish to set up complex effects without being restricted to the rack (ie. front/back/scroll up/down). This does not replace the rack, it simply allows a faster way to set up and edit connections, which with the cables at the rear of a very large rack does become rather complicated...!

alternatively, if the programming required to create such an interface is not too complex, it could be made available as a plug-in or update patch [grin] ;-)

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