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Old 2005-05-10, 18:56
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Can't Record Midi Notes Into Reason 3.0 Sequencer HELP!!!!!

What's poppin everybody! I got a mean problem on my hands I can trigger Reason 3.0 sounds from my Mpc 2000xl with no problem. I can also sync Reason's sequencer to the MPC with no problem. But I can't seem to record anything from the MPC into Reason's sequencer. All of Reason's channels and devices recognize the Mpc but I just can't record midi notes into the Reason's sequencer with my MPC. I'm using the Midiman 1X1 as my midi interface, someone please help this is killing ME!!!

P.S. I've done multiple searches on this and nothing came up.
Old 2005-08-08, 17:38
fredygump fredygump is offline
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Yaaaaaarrrrrrrr.... make the midi work......

yeah, I got the same ailment. A day ago a friend was going to show me his reason stuff, but his stopped working. He said it usually just worked.

I had mine working for my first true non-demo reason session, but now it refuses to record. I can record automations of my device, but no midi. I hear the midi, but yeah....

I reinstalled it like any good windows user has learned to do, but to no avail. So why doesn't it work, and why have I been cursed with the midi keyboard fingers of death so that I killed both my own program and my friend's? Yaaaaa, I think it's contagious!

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