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Old 2005-07-04, 05:41
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Minor Features Missing - File Browser, Clear Matrix

I'd like to see some old features that were in 2.5:

- A "folder up" button in the file browser. Its extremely annoying to not have this fundamental feature. There is a "back" button and a drop down list, but those are not the same thing.

- Blank matrix patterns. Why why why are all the matrix patterns filled by default now? Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! They should be clear by default. Please add a Preferences option that lets users pick whether Matrix is clear or premade.
This is extremely annoying for live PA. I dont want to switch to a new matrix pattern live and have it play a bunch of notes!!!! It must be clear by default!! please!!

thanks for listening propellerhead!
Old 2005-07-04, 17:52
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Re: Minor Features Missing - File Browser, Clear Matrix

Indeed, while new excellent features have been added to the filebrowser, some vital but minor functions are lacking. More navigation functions.
Old 2013-07-02, 12:42
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Yes, empty Matrix by default, please
Old 2013-07-02, 15:08
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Yes clear matrix or even a bit polished one combining the features of Thors/iThors sequencer with matrix.

Move track colour above lock whatever MIDI controller!!

Buttons in sequencer to go to rack or mixer.

Option to record MIDI as audio in loop mode (store previous takes) but keep how it now as well.

Create mixer channel option on the top of the menu next to audio instrument ...

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