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Old 2005-09-03, 03:48
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Need Real Acoustic Bass Drum Pedal for YAMAHA KP-65!?

Hi. I need some advice on selecting a good inexpensive real acoustic drum pedal. I'm thinking about purchasing the Yamaha KP65 which is basically an electronic kick tower pad that is height adjustable!
:The reason I am purhcasing this tower pad is so I can have an easier time triggering the bass drum sound from my DD-55 without stomping all of the energy out of my foot. The DD-55 is basically a cheap digital drumset that Yamaha makes. I bought it because it was the best drum controlling solution that I could find. It has the worst pedals on the planet though, as any DD-55 user would probably tell you.
:The Bass Drum pedal that comes with the DD-55 is a childs toy to say the least. The trigger is circular and only has a diameter of about 1 1/2". You really need amazing accuracy and foot strength to trigger this thing properly; either that or a really small foot! Same thing could really be said for the Hi-Hat pedal because it is identical in size and structure to the Bass Drum pedal. Quite annoying! Especially when all you really want to do in the end is focus on the music not if the sounds you hear in your head will trigger when you want them to.
:Supposedly the KP65 is compatible with the Yamaha DD-55 as I found out after calling YAMAHA directly. I believe its velocity-sensitive too. The KP65 seems like a better alternative than the TapKAT which is a trigger pedal that is available at for $39.00 but can only send a single velocity level! Not very good for those times when you want to velocity switch bass drum sounds! Plus the KP65 is made by YAMAHA so I know it will be compatible with the DD-55 and work the way I want it to!
:I don't know anything about real acoustic bass drum pedals though and you definitely need one for the KP-65. I really consider myself a guitarist not a drummer! The only thing that I know about real acoustic bass drum pedals is that they are metal and that they swing on a pendulum. Hopefully someone out there that is drum savvy can recommend me a nice affordable one that I can buy online and explain a lil bit about the mechanics behind a bass drum pedal. If not I have a few friends who play real acoustic drum sets who probably wouldn't mind giving me a bit of a low down. Unfortunately my best friend who just passed away new everything about drums and the mechanics behind them. He would have been able to explain this stuff in a heart beat. Cancer got the best of him though :-(!
:BTW- I was also wondering how I can replace the Hi-Hat pedal that comes with the DD-55. I believe YAMAHA makes a better Hi-Hat pedal that I can use with the DD-55. Unfortunately the representative in the electronic drum department at YAMAHA forgot to recommend a Hi-Hat pedal replacement for the DD-55. Guess I'll just have to call YAMAHA back. When I called the customer service department dude said that there was no way to replace the Hi-Hat pedal on the DD-55. Pretty lame to say the least! Thanks in advance for your replies!

P.S.- I posted this message in the Phead User Forum as well!
Old 2005-09-05, 04:59
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Re: Need Real Acoustic Bass Drum Pedal for YAMAHA KP-65!?

the KP 65 and HH 65 look like what you need! im a drummer almost, so maybe i could help a little with the bass pedal thing! really there isnt much too them!the kp65 and hh65 are very like my roland pad and high hat i use a prowler bass drum pedal right now, i like the springs tight , not too tight though!
anyway all you need to purchase after the kp65 and hh65 is a nice bass drum pedal!!
you should purchase it before your pads arrive go to your local drum store and have a go on all the pedals they have setup, find the one that suits you.
id splash out as the pedal is what matters the most its got to be perfect for you.

good luck with your drumming my thoughts are with you through your hard time. if you need any help with pedals email me and il try and help you out!

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