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ReCycle Toolkit 2.5

My Idea of the real ReCycle Toolkit (for Users who don't own full Version of Reason):
Make the included Reason Adapted for ReCycle like a full functionable Application e.g. called The ReCycle Rack and ReCycle is then the ReCycle Editor, sold together as ReCycle Toolkit.
The ReCycle Rack should have the following functions:
-The same Modules like Reason adapted for ReCycle 3
- plus Matrix Sequencer
- plus Scream 4
- unlimited Instances of the included Modules
- Save Patches Function
- new and bigger NN-XT Soundbank

This would make sense, because ReCycle (Toolkit) would become more interesting for Users without own the full Reason as a very good and competive Sampling and Loop 'Workstation'.
Sold for a Price like before (or 10 - max 20% more)!
For Reason Users there could be a cheaper Version, without the 'ReCycle Rack', only with the orig. ReCycle (Editor) for
3/4 the Price of the full 'ReCycle Toolkit'.
Naturally there would be a cheap Update for reg. ReCycle 2.1 Users.....

Propheads, think about it!
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i need to no how to find the free download for recycle
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There is no free download of ReCycle that I know of.
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i think they just need to embedd recycle into reason, and be done with it.
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Originally Posted by ritchard View Post
i think they just need to embedd recycle into reason, and be done with it.
If they did offer that I'd seriously buy it as a payable upgrade of around £15
This app would then totally wipe the floor with chopping.
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Originally Posted by ritchard View Post
i think they just need to embedd recycle into reason, and be done with it.
I completely agree. Seems like the only reason they have not done so is the fact that they can maximize profits by charging people another $200. To me that price seems like overkill, especially if you just put down $400 on Record/Reason. At the very least, it would be nice if they offered some sort of discount for ReCycle to registered owners of Reason/Record.

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Simple business concept. If people are still willing to buy it at that price (I'm sure as hell not going to), then props is going to continue to sell it for that price. I don't blame them. There is probably to much software that can be as old as recycle and still sell for that much.

Again it is shocking that recycle is $200 and an education edition of ableton is something like $300. Not to hard to figure out which way to go there.

If recycle is not found within reason record next upgrade cycle it would be shooting themseleves in the foot. I was shocked that it was not in this last cycle.

They just need to bundle Reason+Record+recycle into one bundle sell it for a price similar to ableton and be done with it.
"Develop your talent, man, and leave the world something. Records are really gifts from people. To think that an artist would love you enough to share his music with anyone is a beautiful thing."
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