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Old 2006-11-22, 00:27
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Screaming Trumpet Demo - Use of Release Triggers

I thought it would be fun to provide the solo trumpet track of my latest demo (called "Soaring Higher") for the Screaming Trumpet library ( The "screaming" solo occurs towards the end of the demo. What makes this demo interesting is the frequent use of release trigger samples.

Full demo:
Solo trumpet:

Note, some of the releases used in this demo were the actual recorded articulations, while others were pieced together with other articulations by appending the release trigger sample to the end of the note (see if you can hear the difference).

The Screaming Trumpet sample library has 6 release trigger types:

1. Smooth short fall
2. Smooth long fall
3. Rough short fall
4. Rough long fall
5. Doit
6. Up/down rip (inspired by Maynard Ferguson)

Since this demo was produced in Reason, I had to manually add the release trigger samples to the end of the notes where I wanted them, but that was really easy to do. The Reason version has a velocity switched RT patch that contains all 6 of the release trigger samples. The Kontakt and Giga versions both have release trigger programs that work with long sustains.

In this demo, I was actually able to add release trigger samples to swells, vibrato, shakes, etc. I was a bit surprised at how many different articulations the release trigger samples work well with!

I would be happy to talk more about this topic. There were a lot of interesting things we learned during the programming and sample editing to get the release triggers to sound right. It took us a couple of trys before we got it right!

Jeff Steinman
President & CEO WarpIV Technologies

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