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Old 2007-09-19, 00:07
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recycle as a waveform editor and reason.

First let me start off by saying I really like everything you all put out. I also will say up front that I am not going to bash the products nor the makers because I feel you guys at propellerhead are doing a great job and because I'm a registered user of your products. Now let's talk about recycle. It is a very cool program. However, my problem with it is that it does not allow me to take my audio (whether from cassette tape, vynl, cd, or mp3) directly into recycle. I have to take it to some other program or already have loop i want to cut up on my computer or in a wav format. That part of the deal sucks because it take so much more time to get started and by the time your project is started there are a few less ideas to play around with because you quickly loose some of them due to time lost by trying to import a loop into recycle. The best way to eliviate that is to allow users to record right into recycle in the same way as cool edit pro, audacity, adobe audition and so on. This added process would shave down the time it takes to load the loops, cut them up, turn them into rex files, then finally do what I intended to do my loop/s. Secondly, I feel that with the introduction of thor, the revisions made to the combinator, the regrove mixer, the new step sequencer, and new and improved edit window, propelerhead is doing everything necessary to stay on the cutting edge. In line with the amazing additions the company has made to the latest version of reason, the marriage of the nn-xt and recylce would catapult your software higher up on the ladder for software studios. When you look at the most memorable samplers of today and yesteryear, they all have a few standard features. #1) The ability to record a sample into the device or software for a set time length. #2) The ability to do velocity switching as well as manually manipulate the velocity curves of a sample. #3) Time streching, shifting, truncating, forward looping, and the ability to apply quantization. #4) The ability to apply fx. All of these tools are just basic components that make up the sampler as you very well know. With the NN-XT built into reason, only afew of the features are built into reason. The only way to improve upon the shortcomings of the NN-Xt is by integrating recycle and the NN-XT. When you look at the industry standard Akai MPC 60-4000 they all have these functions and more. By intergrating recycle reason into reason as an extension of the NN-XT, you will definitely make Akai step their game up because you guys came with the hotness. Now with that being said I also feel that propeeler haed has the ability to be better than Logic Pro. However, one of the things that stops you is the inability to record audio. However, I feel this can also be fixed by allowing users to record into recycle and including recycle into reason as I have said before. The reason why this works is that once audio is into recycle, you can take that audio source and turn it a REX file then it in either the NN-XT, NN19, or the Dr. Rex loop player. The only complication is that if you wanted to get a large number of tracks to record a band, choir or orchestra, so that would mean that recycle would then have to be able to record multiple tracks so that later they can be converted to REX files so that it still will not affect the users CPU as well as strain the Ram and give the user full flexibility of their audio in conjuction with the effects and mastering tools that reason has to offer. Then the next step then will be to add more DSP tools like a desser to get rid of simbilance, pitch correction, audio restoration, vocal transformer, bass boost to increase lower frequency, normalize, reverse, phasing, flanging, bit reduction to emulate old machines like the Commadore 64, Emu SP 1200, MPC-60, Roland 808 and 909, 5.1 and 7.1 surround mixing and panning and so on. If these thingshappen I promise Logic wouldn't stand a chance. Reason would be on top of the map no software program would be able to compete with propellerhead not Fl studio 7, Logic Pro, Pro-Tools, Cubase, DP 5, Nuendo, none of them. Then you guys will "BE" the best.

Much luv,

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