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Old 2007-10-14, 21:24
Osseous Osseous is offline
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Can you open Reason 3 files in Reason 4?

I have been working on some stuff recently and want to know that if i buy reason 4, i'll still be able to work on my reason 3 files in reason 4 without there being any problems. I want the added benefits of the new sequencing window as well as the Thor in the tracks i'm working on but don't want to uninstall reason 3, install reason 4 and find it was a waste of time.

If i can open my reason 3 files in reason 4, are there any issues, i.e. automation not working correctly in the new sequencing window etc.

Old 2007-10-15, 03:39
tpabrad tpabrad is offline
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Re: Can you open Reason 3 files in Reason 4?

From what Ive seen posted its fine. Some people have said there refills were deleted so Id backup anything under the Reason directory just to be sure.

If you have multiple tracks for devices R4 will put them under one track and add lanes for each.
Old 2007-10-15, 15:05
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Re: Can you open Reason 3 files in Reason 4?

You must uninstall R3 before installing R4.
Anything in the R3 application folder will be deleted during the uninstall so remember to remove anything you wish to keep (song files, patch files, refills, etc) first and then move them back again after upgrading or you will lose them.


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