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Originally Posted by KevWestBeats View Post
I haven't read the entire thread but this post stuck out to me right away. I am personally intrgued by your refill but I want to hear more than just an audio demo you or someone else played to get me to buy it. I am sure others are this way too. Let me play some patches and see for myself what is really in there. You showing me what you made does nothing for my experience and I honestly usually do not buy refills that do not have downloadable refill demos. I can count on my hands how many times that has happened or that it wasn't something I couldn't pirate first. I am not saying I am pro piracy but I am saying that I want to try it first and see if I actually like it before buying it. That being said most of the refills that I did download before buying I did really like. I did this with REB, RPi, RDK, RAK, and Soul School. I have bought all of them except for soul school which imo isn't what I need. Sure there are refills that I have bought without demoing 88 MPH, Disco School, and the Mo Phatt refill and I almost always end up disappointed because the refills were not what I was expecting. The point is you have to give a little to get what you want in return and people love free samples. That alone is the only reason I have not bought your refill. You do good work and I like the refills of yours that I have heard even though I do not think most of them fit into my music at all. I am just saying give us a demo we can play and see if it works for us or not and the sales should come. If its not selling now you don't have much to lose.


And another thing is that I never heard about the Reason Strat refill untill Jiggery Pokery mentioned it.

How will I now to buy something if I don't know it is out there?

I know the Props do a pretty good job of showing all of the 3rd party commercial refills, but sometimes even sorting through them, you have a hard time knowing whats out there.

And yes if you have a high priced refill (over $200), people will want a demo of some of the patches (one of which should be good enough to convince someone to buy it).

The market is out there and hopefully by Props going the dongle route, that might curb some of the piraters from using Reason which might also equate to less Refill piracy.

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