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Question mixing and mastering in reason six

my stage names tyler rae ::
im from south africa ::

been producing for a little over five years now with great progress ::
however ; this progress did not come with mastering and mixing it was merely me dropping beats :: you know i uploaded them :: had distortion az f### ::

if you wondering why i know hardly anything concerning mastering and mixing well ;
tertiary is expensive and alot of consiquence surrounds , me not being able to afford it none the less ::
enough about life ::

ive recently purchased reason six :: happy ::
what i noticed was yess that it has been intergrated with reason record : which i have never seen or uzed ::

my first question ::

can i utilize the program az a mastering program once ive made everything ive needed too ::

secondly ::

does it impact a song in terms of quality if :: the busses routed into my main output bus are in the red : but my main output buss is in the green ??
(note : mix still sounds good)

thirdly ::

the clip metre at the bottom ; i guess this is more a statement ::
why isit so sensitive ::
how do i reduce the bar in that clipping meter but at the same time have a higher output into my busses ::
look ive tried limiting but limiting seems to work only half as my sound does get louder :: but so does the sound in my bus ::
is ther perhaps a way where i can limit completly without distortion :: so i mean the sound goes dramatically higher : but the decible is cut off completly at 0 decibles ::
then re.filter the sound in a way which would make it sound pleasant ::

because the way i feel : the limiter allows me to boost volume :: but only until a particular point , and then it reaches breaking point ::
and doesnt limit : instead it merely boosts the overall volume of a particular sound leaving it , again in the red ::
now i dont know what soft clip does exactly to my sound and what does it mean if i put soft clip on ::
cause i dont want a clip :: lol ::

yeah anyways ::

last one ::
if ive mixed down a track and have put the volumes up as much as possible everywhere i possibly can and its still soft :: (i know its probably wrong but let me learn) ::
am i allowed to export the file into another program and throw in a compresser and some limiting im pretty shure i may ::

i apologize for sounding like a complete ; know nothing but yeah ::

moneys never been great ::

if you can ; maybe mail me links where i can find proper mixing and mastering techniques to learn from and utilize to help guide me and steer me into the correct direction ::
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It's doable, but it's definitely not easy and you'll learn a good bit apparently.
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lol :: i guess
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I say trust you're ears...if it's distorting you're pushing the levels to hard. I'm not a professional by any means but I know how to get the SOUND I'm going for and I often do push levels into the red. If it sounds bad or it effects the mix in a negative way I won't do it. I love the following website for tips and tricks
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