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Arrow Figure for Android


I hope that propellerheads's plans include to develop "Figure" for Android as well ... I think hat Android is a very good platform as well...

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try caustic for android it was the best all in one app i ever had on an android phone.
iphone is a lot smoother / cleaner after comparing the two.
so now im trying to get the caustic developer to port over.
which i believe he is.

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Sunvox and Audio tool Sketch are pretty cool too. Easyband is nice to make an instant backing track and the same author does a 4 track recorder and the two integrate!
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And Figure for PC would be cool!
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I would really like to see Figure on Android too.
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Agreed! I'm green with Apple envy.

There used to be problems with lag on Android, so audio developers shyed away.

But I have read this has been fixed in recent Android versions.

Propellerheads' Are there any plans?...
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+1 Figure for android would be nice.
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+++11111 here!!!!!
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This would rock.
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I would love to see it too, I've been sorely disappointed with the quality of Android's music software selection. Caustic is a bout as good as it gets on there.

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