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Old 2012-05-07, 06:33
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When soloing, tracks already muted should be different color

I often mute tracks that I don't like in my song that I'm not quite ready to get rid of yet because I might realize I like them more than I thought later, but then when I find myself soloing tracks to see how they sound (adding them in one by one), I find myself adding tracks I've muted (already decided previously I didn't like), to the solo session, or whatever you call it, because I can't tell them apart from the tracks that were only muted temporarily because I solo'd something.

Would it be smarter to make the solo'd-out-tracks' "M" (mute) buttons a different color other than the tracks that were already muted (i.e. other than red)? Maybe pink instead of red? Or maybe outline the M button in red for the tracks that aren't muted? I'm sure you can come up with a good way, Propellerhead. It's just that you immediately lose sight of which tracks were already muted (whether they were muted from the sequencer or the mixer/rack) once you solo even 1 track. This is frustrating to say the least.

The way I get around this is I do my soloing one-by-one from the sequencer, and I collapse tracks that I've muted. But I'd rather not have to do that.

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I'll give a +1 to this and add my frustrations: they solos don't work like a real SSL. When a track is soloed, you can't mute it in Reason. If I soloed all the drums and then muted one of them, nothing would happen in Reason but with a real SSL I could mute the drum. It would still be muted after soloing, in other words, mutes still work when soloed.

So in addition to your suggestion that muted tracks should look different when soloed, muted tracks should NOT solo when soloed (they are MUTED after all!), soloed tracks should be able to be muted and un-muted. Add to that the need for Solo Isolate, and for muted tracks to still be able to send "Pre Fader" (for phones mixes etc), fader grouping that optionally includes mutes/solos, and you'd have the basic SSL functions covered - add to that your suggestion for a different color for muted tracks when soloed, and we're on our way to a serious mixing environment here! :-)
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Old 2012-05-07, 17:21
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And I +1 you back Thanks

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