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Old 2012-05-30, 06:52
sofakingcool sofakingcool is offline
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Which Mac Laptop size people are using ?

Hey guys,

I am planning to buy a mac when the new models gets release. My question is, what size laptop do you guys prefer on the go or in regular usage? 13",15" or 17"?

I used to own a 17 inch when it was a G4, and let me say , that thing was heavy stuff.

The price range from a 13 to 15 inch is pretty crazy. ( $500usd jump from a base to base model .) Let me know your own thoughts. Im only going to be running Reason mainly.

Also is it even possible to set up dual monitor with any of these laptops? Just wondering.

Old 2012-05-30, 10:29
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MAV42 MAV42 is offline
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Hi I think you'll need the 15 inch version, i'm running a MAC Book pro i7 and its perfect for Reason. It is possible to set up dual monitors i actually have a wireless network set up between my IMAC desk top which works well. If you decied to make the investment i think the main reason for going 15 inch will be if you ever make the decision to run another rewire DAW you'll benefit from the slightly larger screen. The new screens on the Macbook are very easy on the eyes and the processors are super quick so i think you'll be very pleased with your purchase. ;-P
Old 2012-05-30, 15:36
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Im running a 15 Inch here, and I am enjoying it when I could have gotten the 17 Inch.

17 Inches is nice, but is kind of clunky to pack around ...

If you need extra screen, you can always get an external monitor!

Really depends on your needs, I am going to find a way to upgrade to a multi monitor setup at some point. This is mostly because I have Ableton Live and Reason all split up into their own windows.
Old 2012-05-30, 18:15
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I don't have a mac, I went for a dell. I've had bigger and smaller laptops but 15" seems to be a good compromise between portability and functionality. give it a few years and pocket projectors will be more cost effective so screen size depends on the amount of wall space you have free.
My instincts tell me that a 13" monitor would be fine for short periods of time but you'd soon get pissed off with it but I've not really looked at one in a while, they might be better than I'd expect.
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Old 2012-05-30, 19:34
sofakingcool sofakingcool is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 13
Hey guys!

Thank you so much. It seems 15 inch is the word out there. I'll be honest, I was aiming for a 13 inch, since its very compact and Im always on the run. Since the new 15inch apple is coming out very soon, I will wait and check it out. Though I believe one of the deal breakers in reading this thread is :

15 inch = Better screen size, so having 2 window lining up in a row is a plus.
= Much far more power , I feel the lag on my 3 year old laptop, Im worry it may get worse as I get into reason more.
= newer model are out soon, slimmer and no optical drive. So probably longer battery life maybe? we will see.

Cons = Price is the only thing I can put my finger on. essentially, Its $500 usd more to get a 15 inch from a 13 inch. To put in perspective, thats another NEC monitor, Ipad, Monitor(speakers) or beatpad I plan to buy.

I will admit, when I bought my 17inch G4 all fully loaded back in the days, I felt so creative and enlighten.
Old 2012-05-30, 21:03
papercrane's Avatar
papercrane papercrane is offline
Join Date: May 2010
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I got a 13" Macbook Pro because my college ran deals (kind of like group buys) when we started our music tech course. I find it to be fine power wise, I keep the thing pretty clean though. Only have a few applications installed and most of my samples are kept on an external drive.

the biggest downside IMO is the screen size. I absolutely had to get an external monitor. when I'm at home in my bedroom "studio" I have the laptop set up with an external monitor, keyboard and magic trackpad.

works fine for me. although I will say that my next laptop purchase most definitely be a Macbook Pro 15".
Old 2012-05-30, 22:16
sofakingcool sofakingcool is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 13
Hey Papercrane!

I keep hearing that actually. The 13 is fine but over time the user tends to want more space with their application. I totally agree.. I believe 15 inch is probably the best buy from all of it. I just wonder the new pricing on the new 15 inches coming soon.

Thanks for the input!

Old 2012-05-31, 01:00
plaamook's Avatar
plaamook plaamook is offline
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dunno, i used to rock a 15' but moved to a 13' for the last upgrade. to be honest, i didn't even notice the difference. and with the way you get multiple desktops in lion, you can zip all over the place. i think 17 to 13 would be rough thoguh.

my musician friends are all heading that way too. price, mobility. spend your money on monitor thats bigger than 15' and have a mac that you cna just chuck in the ruck sack.

depends on what you want to do with it/how you work, but try reason on it. i was really surprised.
Old 2012-05-31, 03:37
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Hey if you get a Macbook invest in Moshi protective gear.

It was the first thing I did, and I'm pretty impressed.
Old 2012-05-31, 05:54
sofakingcool sofakingcool is offline
Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 13
plaamook ! Im glad you said something about the 13.

Very true. I think in most case you will be doing your editing at home. Save that $500 for an external montior. I forgot about the new OS , and the multiple desktop in lion. Switching back and forth real fast. Thats very well said. I cant believe the OS is actually making the idea of a 13 inch quite interesting now.

Thanks PLaamok!

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