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Exclamation Nothing like a good Whine (Rant)

This post is not directed at the props. This post is directed at the whiny users on this board that like to complain about pricing, or sound quality etc.

First of all, if you don't like what there is here then please go somewhere else.

It's not like it's going to help anyone telling us what you think of Reasons sound quality, or that you think Reason is overpriced or under powered. There are plenty of work arounds like rewire.

I like it here, because I think prophead software is a great forward thinking company, that is offering a very great stable product for people who are interested in making music. Everything they offer actually is kind of groundbreaking in a lot of ways, Look at the Refill & Rex format, both are superb formats! And now they are focusing on hardware!

A bit about the Refills
Did you know that by having Refills on your hard drive instead of a gazillion loose samples, that your HD has less work to do and results in a longer life?

Why? Because it's archived, and when it comes down to defragmentation your hard drive will thank you for it. It was incredible that they did this before we had affordable SSD solutions. It's still a great thing considering the amount of compression that you get out of the Refill format. I don't know what the compression ratio is because I'm too lazy to do the math, but it's GOOD!

REX Loops
The Rex Format is ingenious and is a incredible technology to have. It's incredible in the fact you can create loops that will sync to your projects. If you try to do that with a ordinary wave, well you probably know what will happen. Also the ability to create Rex files is really really easy when you use Recycle. For producers who rely on sampling the REX format is pretty much a necessity.

Let's go to Reasons Rewire ability! This is probably the most valuable thing for people who use multiple DAWS. It lets you control every aspect of reason using your favourite DAW! This is the equivalent of VST integration for everyone, because you can use Reason and still use your VSTs within your DAW. Sure you might not have VST integration in reason with its easy to use sequencer but its still something really great! The SSL Mixer also makes it way easier to get great sounding results using rewire too.

Multi-track Recording! As of Version 6 you will find that you can Record everything! And you can also run HUGE projects with audio because of Reasons incredibly optimized code, and time stretching included! Again everything is covered here to make a whole track or album with just Reason alone.

Lack of XYZ function or device?

No they aren't out to change the world with the latest tech, but instead they offer a palette of great tools to use in a easy to use package. I mean when you buy Reason, you get all the stuff that is needed to make a entire album without looking to other programs, and you still can get very professional results.

Sound quality?

So the sound quality is bad to your ears? This wouldn't be Reasons fault. No there are no gimmicky one-tool-that-does-it-all to make your crap mixes sound better. Reason forces you to learn how to do good mixing! Then, once you do mix it good and you still think it doesn't sound like songs on the radio, then maybe stop and ask use some logic. ALOT of what you here on the radio was mixed by professional Engineers! Turn your mix into a good multi-track session and send it to a mastering engineer!

Lack of VST?

This is a very excellent thing! Again going back to the stability, if you had the ability to use VSTs and VSTis you would see a very active troubleshooting forum here. The lack of VST support makes Reason so stable! If propellerhead had VST support they would have to go through steinbergs SDK to figure out how to fix the problem in Reason to allow the VST to perform better. The way it is now, is the best because it allows the Prop coders to still remain in control the whole time without having to learn a new SDK or integrate it into the reason code. Also im glad that Propellerheads does not port anything to steinbergs VST format for other users. If you are too naive to figure out how to use Rewire, you should really take the time to learn how it works.

To sum it up, Im glad Propellerhead isn't giving into the demands of the industry and are just doing there own thing. This is why I support their company!

Best quote that I ever heard is
"If the crowd is doing something that is currently popular, then go the other way and do something different" which is exactly what propellerhead seem to live by!

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You nailed it Good job Xaviero, I couldn`t agree more, especially on the last line
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I agree with all that, minus Alt Drums prices. I do wish it cost half and they would actually make more $$. ...I thought you were leaving the forum a week or so ago. (Not like I want you to, but I do recall your 'Goodbye forum' post)
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Perfectly said Xaviero
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Wow ,
Very well said and I agree especially about the whiners wasting time here on this forum.

Go make some music with your preferred software instead of taking up forum space with bitching!

I choose Reason as it gives and gives and gives

The workflow is brilliant for me and the members of this forum and Prop's people are incredibly patient and giving with their advice and free combi's etc .

I cannot thank all of them enough - Selig , Jiggery , SteveDiverse and many more..............THANK YOU!

I wonder how many questions I will ask in this forum when 6..5 arrives?



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