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Rack Extensions Problem?

Hi I upgraded to 6.5, I had all the rack extensions when i first downloaded 6.5, but then I went ahead and registered/Verify the 6.5 so It doesn't ask me to internet check it every time. Once I did that all my rack extensions dissapeard, now when i try to install the rack extensions like Polar,etc..none of them show up in my reason.

Thank you
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I think the problem is that demo versions are online authorization only.
So, you must "log in" when trying to demo RE
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I have to unplug my ignition key...
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I'm having the same problem, but in a different order. Since the release of 6.5 I've been running with internet verification. Last night I transferred the license to the dongle and now all of a sudden none of the extensions show up.. what gives?

(steps) - r6.5 running with ER online verification > transfer license to dongle > extension rack no work.
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Try re-logging in with the internet verification. Updating licenses. Done.

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