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Old 2012-07-03, 18:35
rogerlevy rogerlevy is offline
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Hopefully Props will revamp the Patch Browser and make things more streamlined

There are a number of issues related to patches and devices that I've come across. I dislike the Patch Browser. A lot. It is slow, clunky, and inconsistent. How it interacts with devices is complicated and finicky. Here is a feed of topics and related issues and proposals.

Patch lists (attached to devices) are unintuitive and tedious to manage. If you open multiple folders before selecting a patch, ALLLL those open folders go into the patch list, even if they are completely unrelated. But there is no option to close all folders. You have to click "Go To Parent Folder", but this is oddly hidden in a dropdown, and one wouldn't think they had to do this. It's a "secret" hidden in the manual, one of many.

Patch lists can't be edited directly, unless they are in a favorites list. Favorites lists multiply and can't be sorted or nested or categorized in any way. You can only reorder things one at a time.

Patch lists are silently not preserved when you cut/copy/paste devices.

When you drag and drop a patch onto the rack from the Patch Browser it replaces the last one dragged-and-dropped. This is completely unintuitive, I expected it to keep making devices, where I placed them.

You can't see samples when browsing for instruments, making it seem like some folders are either empty or not for the current device. Samples should show up all the time, and automatically create NN19's when selected.

The whole concept of a separate browser window accessed by individual patch load buttons is anachronistic, it should be a simple narrow, collapsible pane. favorite places/lists at top left, options and info on top right, then current folder dropdown and back button, list of patches at bottom, using icons to show device (with rollover to see names of devices) parent folders on right. Optional date column for both favorite lists and patches. You don't need to know the size of files when making music. Make the search bar simple - just a box and a mag-glass button, always searches the current folder, maybe right click to search all places. Full drag and drop - select and drag multiple patches to the rack, drag devices into the browser to save over or save copy. Drag items onto sequencer, mixer, or rack. Right click anything to open an Explorer window pointing to it.

Intuitive use of CTRL+C etc. Doesn't currently work when you want copy/paste devices.

Pasting effect devices and autorouting improvements. Paste multiple instruments onto a 14:2 or 6:2 and they automatically connect. Pasting devices onto other devices inserts them into the chain. Pasting chains onto mix channel devices pastes them as an insert patch. Paste many mix channels onto a Kong, Redrum, NNXT, 14:2, or 6:2 and they automatically connect to the sends.

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