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cross fader rack extension concept

cross fader rack extension

most DJs know that a cross fader is for evenly lowering the volume on channel 1 while simultaneously raising the volume of channel 2 by sliding a single fader from left to right or vice versa

this would be such an obvious rack extension hopefully it includes a bass kill switch and eq etc.

i could see a major vendor positioning a USB hardware fader unit combined with a rack extension for sale in the prop shop extension market.
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Then, you should be happy to learn that Jiggery-Pokery is currently developping a crossfader as a rack extension! It should be out within a week or two!

In fact, Jiggery-Pokery, a long-time ReFill maker, is preparing a line of Rack Extension utilities for Reason!

More details on that thread:

P.S.: I don't work for Jiggery-Pokery, but his REs are the REs to come that excite me the most! :P

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