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Originally Posted by BrrrPeoples View Post
This was no error and thank goodness that they didn't implement 16 pads and come out with an over sized keyboard, or make the pads smaller. If you are comparing this keyboard to the axiom it only has 8 pads, which aren't even that good of pads. I might be biased in a way because I already have a dedicated pad controller. So I use the pads on the Nektar to send ASCII commands while I'm in the studio and trigger samples when I'm at a live show.

Seriously think about the design for a second. If you wanted to add 16 pads you would either have to shrink all the pads down (which people would also complain about) or extend the controller at least another 2 inches backwards. Then you have 2 inches of dead space above all the controls. So what do you do? make the screen bigger? That would be cool. Add another row of knobs? That would be cool too. Maybe even put dedicated solo and mute buttons above all the faders? Sounds like a sick controller right? Yeah it also costs $200 more and if you plan on taking it on the road you now have to buy a 61 key road case.
A simple way to do it would have been to shift the logo to the left of the pads and add a row on the bottom where the logo is right now.

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