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Old 2012-07-23, 23:01
wolfman311music wolfman311music is offline
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Question What Studio Monitors Do You Use?

Just curious as to what studio monitors everybody is using?
Old 2012-07-24, 01:17
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Mainly because I wanted a good sound at very low volumes and to save space. I like them a lot but I may have chosen differently if I had a different space.
London, UK
Old 2012-07-24, 01:26
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Mackie MR8 and love em! Well, it's all about getting used to them anyway
Check out Dave909
Old 2012-07-24, 04:07
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martinb98 martinb98 is offline
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Jbl lsr 2328
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Melbourne Australia
Old 2012-07-24, 04:36
jamescannon26 jamescannon26 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 64
KRK rockit 8's rp2 and Yamaha hs 50m.. i cant afford genelec's or jbl's some people say krk are to bassy I don't think rough mixes on krk barely need any time of editing when they reach the full mastering studio
Old 2012-07-24, 04:42
Steedus's Avatar
Steedus Steedus is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
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M-Audio BX8a Deluxe. Not the best I know, but they're better than nothing.
Old 2012-07-24, 05:36
Anomecron's Avatar
Anomecron Anomecron is offline
Join Date: Jan 2004
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I use a pair of ADAM A7X Monitors - lovely they are too

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Old 2012-07-24, 05:59
ryszard's Avatar
ryszard ryszard is offline
Join Date: Apr 2008
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Behringer Truth B2031A active biamped monitors. Not quite the value they were when I got them in 2007, when I paid $340 US for the pair. They push 225W (150 + 75) a side and are measured at +/- 1 dB from the top of their range down to their lower cutoff at 50 Hz. (Each speaker ships with a printout of their frequency response.) I'm in the market for a complementary subwoofer, but they are tremendous as is at normal listening levels.
Old 2012-07-24, 06:27
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Dogboy1973 Dogboy1973 is offline
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I've got a diminutive pair of Fostex PM0.5's. Not enough bottom end in truth but they were perfect for the very small room my set up was in. Next set-up (when my equipment turns up) will most likely be somewhat bigger. Might look at a set of Genelec 8030's once I get some cast coming in
Old 2012-07-24, 06:46
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A pair of Yamaha HSM80's with the Yamaha HS10w sub. I'm completely satisfied with my speakers, room, and mixes.
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