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Originally Posted by joeyluck View Post that thing going to fold in half?
Not at the moment
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Originally Posted by Geneyus6 View Post
Thumbs down on the GUI

It leaves a lot to be desired. I hope they refine it some. I think a lot of this was due to RE GUI limitations and the weird GUI spec.

Also Predator probably had to be reduced in size to fit nicely in a Reason rack which is why the knobs are smaller and things, but that said they probably could have made it look better.

Many developers though have been saying they were having hard time on the GUI portion on the REs.

The original Predator was very nice and professional looking and the RE version reminds me of Synth 1 VST (which is a nice synth btw) a freeware VST.

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The only things I miss in the current GUI are a way to fold the programmer and some less horrid looking wheels.

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