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Old 2012-08-12, 17:00
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Do you have a link to the REX file?
Is Reason set to 85BPM to match the REX?
In Recycle, have you set the loop marker points (L & R) to match the loop properly? You shouldnt need to set the BPM in Recycle, unless you truly want to. As long as the number of bars is understood by Recycle and Rex has been saved at whatever BPM, wen you import in into an Audio track OR DrOctoRex, then the Rex will map to the right BPM.

Alternativly, import or record the loop directly in Reason on an Audio track, and maybe manually cut and splice the file to make it sit better? You can cut at each word / syllable, and timestretch the audio to fit the beat, not the beat to fit the vocal

I tried a while ago using Recycle when I was using Reason 3, and found that when I sped up a vocal with polyphony set to 1, there was slight 'gapping' between each wrd / syllable. So I did a test, and exported every slice from Recycle as WAV files and analysed each one - I noticed when I zoomed in on a very small sectin and brought up the noise floor view, I could see minute fades at the very end of the samples - I thought Recycle would simply lop off the signal squarely with no fade, so if I hit the crossover zero point I would have no issues, but the fade was fractionally before the end of the slice.

If in Recycle you have the decay set to anything over 0ms then you will get the fade out flipping backwards and forward to fill 'gaps' when you slow a Rex down. If yu got faster you can reduce the decay of the slice. Dont confuse decay in Recycle to be the same as decay on a synth / sampler, it's the time taken AFTER the slice has finished playing to do the 'flip-flop' fade out.

Like I said, vocals now can be utilised far better in the sequencer directly, as you can timestretch to get close, then slice n dice the words and slide each one around to make it fit - this is similar to tape-splicing in effect. Once done you could re-bounce the new audio vocal loop, open in Recycle, REX it and save it as a new copy at that BPM, and drop it back in. Remeber to have the decay fade up a fraction though and don't slice the syllables this time round though, because you will hear the gapper effect (plus words should be complete and right since your previosu editing)

Does this help out at all? If you get stuck let me know and will help you out
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