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Just to let you know...

If you did'nt have noticed. Every single time you send a post or a reply. Next to your user name appear the logos of the software you did have registered. And since you don't have the reason logo (in fact you don't have any) it means one thing or the other; you're hacking the program or you just forgot, just like I once did, to register it. So if you did bought the program, then just register it or you're probably going to still receive bad replies like this one. So stop shitting on the porch of the house and ring the bell..


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Take it easy dude.
You can say that also on a nice way.
Why so agressive???
Btw ,where is your logo?
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Originally Posted by ZackMorris View Post
yeah on the reason proggy how do u add more stuff at the bottom.
like where those blocks are.
like lets say i have badaid and rnb loop there and then i wanna add bass later after a few bars of music, how do i do that?
Just add machine like Thor or Subtractor, from there on you can create your own sample or use default sound bank to your preference. so then you can set up parameter of the loop you want it to play from start to the end. using Matrix sequencer or Arpeggiator would also could create wicked sound! good luck! :-)
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You do realise that the latest post was on April 24th 2003?
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Originally Posted by illCarl View Post

You do realise that the latest post was on April 24th 2003?
Another case of disclosed necrophilia
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I just want to know how it's even possible to have found this thread and then comment on it?
Weird when this kind of stuff pops up.

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