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Old 2012-08-12, 21:10
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oh, so it is not just the dreaded user error here at my end...
triggered off a fit of "well I must be doing something wrong":syndrome
I had just bought a type font, down loaded it installed it, used it no problem , so I do know how to do that....
i aspire to be Ralph Steadman of electronic music.
Old 2012-08-13, 15:53
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Originally Posted by rlubeck View Post
My mid/side combinator is basically a slightly more advanced version of Peff's mid/side varimu combi but it requires the FET, Trident, Ozone and Saturation Knob.
If you're not familiar with the concept, try Peff's version first, I can always send you my combi at a later stage.

As far as wanting to check out an RNS of mine, we can do that once you have those RE's. I'm working on a public remix/rework of one of the more talented guys here and it should be up by the end of the month.

I thought the mid/side compression combinator was some form of multiband compression, but I checked out a video where Peff explains what it is. It's witchery. Very clever. I downloaded Peff's version of the combi and I also bought the Trident, FET, and Ozone today so whenever you have the time I'd be anxious to see what your version looks like.
Old 2012-08-16, 23:56
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PM'd you the link.
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