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Originally Posted by rogerraa View Post
Well yeah man. I've read your previous posts. What you want is a thorough, well thought out solid argument with zero holes.
That's not exactly what I want - but a solid argument is what is required for a proposition to be taken seriously.

I mean, I could say, "just thinking out loud, but think about the color of the sky. You don't see what puts the color there. You don't see elves, either. Maybe elves put that color there." I could throw that out there, but I have no basis for it to be seriously considered, and if someone else tells me that's nonsense, I can't exactly say it isn't without a better rationale for stating it in the first place.

Originally Posted by rogerraa View Post
Not sure if I offended ya somewhere along the way, if so I am sorry. I already E-conceded!
You haven't really offended me, per se, but to be honest I don't think you've been entirely straight with your responses. I mean, if it was really not all that big a deal to you, you wouldn't have had to keep posting to inform me how much it wasn't a big deal, or say how you were just "thinking out loud", or try to leave the question open with "maybe it is, maybe it isn't". If you actually were conceding, then was the post I'm replying to even necessary? I have a hard time believing the air of nonchalance your posts project when you do your own part to keep the exchange going. The more you go on about it, the more it seems to me like a calculated posture rather than actual indifference.

At this point, it's that which I'm responding to now more than your original post - the notion that you're so beyond the whole internet argument thing, and don't really care about it, and how unimportant the whole affair is - but still the posts keep coming...
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