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Originally Posted by Souper View Post
the reason my info is lacking is that im just starting with this stuff lol, i have no previous background in this at all, i brought reason 5 originally as i intended on creating my own beats and upgraded to reason 6.5.. since then ive gained a good working relationship with a german producer. so i bought reason essentials with Balance. got myself a mic, this one:

im in a two man hip hop group we rap and sing, my best mate who i do it with has a powerful voice, so and (again new to this, no previous recordings lol) so we've started using the kit to do rough recordings for practice before paying £30 at a studio. anyway we wanted to record the chorus of our main song which is a sang loud! he said it distorted horribly in the headphones, the best i can describe it is sounds like your shouting into a tin can, this is before weve even recorded this is just hearing yourself through the headphones.

yeah tried that with recording it lower with only wearing one side of the headphones. im sure it must be some silly thing i need to set or adjust that i dont know about lol, its bound to be the sort of thing if any of you experienced guys we're here you'd go " oh that! silly bugger just do this and job done" lol
Follow the signal flow to find where it starts distorting. Start at balance. Is the clipping indicator coming on when he sings? If so, turn down the gain.

Go into reason on the sequencer. Select the track and enable recording. Look at the meter there. Does it clip when he sings? If so, turn down the gain on balance some more.

Look at the mixer, does it clip on the mixer channel? If so, turn down the gain at the top of the channel strip and/or check any insert FX for boosting the signal.

Check the master fader? clipping? bring down the volume on everything before it get there.

Go to the rack, open the big meter and select the audio output that goes to balance. Clipping? Bring down volume on master fader or master inserts.

If you aren't clipping anywhere here, Your headphones probably just cant handle the volume level, or they're broken. Try turning down the headphone volume. Does that help? Like someone else said try to use some other headphones and see if the problem exists with those.

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