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Old 2012-08-17, 07:10
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Originally Posted by guitfnky View Post
getting good sounds out of anything has very little to do with the DAW these days. if you can't get a good sounding vocal track out of Reason, you're not going to get a good sounding vocal track out of ProTools or any other DAW.

as already mentioned, it's about how you set up and use your signal chain. Reason has all the same tools that you can get in any other DAW, so it's really only a matter of translating what you'd be doing in ProTools over to Reason.

as far as front-end stuff, you can follow whatever advice you like from your ProTools tutorials, since this is all being done before the sound makes it into Reason. for the "in-the-box" stuff, you just need to find the appropriate/comparable tools in Reason that you see in your ProTools tutorials. what types of settings are they using on the compressors in the ProTools tutorial? reverb? dial up similar settings and you'll be well on your way. you'll still have to do some tweaking, but it's absolutely doable.

the bottom line with DAWs is that preference is mostly about workflow. they all do much the same things in much the same ways. the biggest difference is in how the tools are presented to you. I prefer the workflow of Reason by far over my old DAW, Digital Performer, but I can get nearly the same results with either.
I agree with you 100%. It's not about the "shoes" you got but how you play the game! If I wear the same shoes Lebron James wears and play him one on one he's gonna beat me for sure. His skills in basket ball are way better than mine. You might just need to practice and improve your mixing skills buddy. It's not going to happen over night but keep on trying till you get there. There are many resources out there to help you. I just bought "the mixing engineers handbook" the other day and it's a great book so far. I've read "the art of mixing" which helped me to visualize my mixes. You can find these and other great books for cheap on
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Originally Posted by sharethaj View Post
I want to stay with Reason. I spent my money on Reason.

but, Pro tools have many tutorials free to learn how to make the vocals sound professional,

I looked everywhere I can not find any tutorials that are step by step to make vocals sound professional in Reason it's like a big secret or something or does it even exist. Can Reason produce professional sounding vocals.
While this is not my area of expertise at all, isn't that mostly hardware-related?

I'd expect the recording quality to depend pretty much on the singer, the recording environment, mics, preamp and perhaps an outboard comp if used. Where preamp/comp are the smaller factors.

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Hahaha... lazy people...

Learn by yourself !!
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A great singer also sounds good on a Laptop mic. A great guitarist will sound good on a cheap guitar. A good mixer will do good mixes on a simple Behringer mixer.. A bad singer won't sound good even if he's singing though gear worth millions. A bad guitarist will sound bad on a Gibson or PRS. A bad mixer will trash the song in a million-dollar studio..

No, its not true that you need ProTools to record vocals properly, only a good singer, mic and audio interface.
Plugin latency issues? Phasing on parallel channels? Want to know the real latency of your audio interface? Try the VMG-01!
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Old 2012-08-18, 03:49
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A good, inexpensive resource is "The Musician's Guid to Recording Vocals". It's a "guerilla" guide that tells you how to get the most out of what you have--talent, room, and equipment.

I chose Reason as my primary DAW after having used Nuendo, Cubase, Sonar, and others. What others have said before is true. Any DAW will faithfully reproduce what you record. Your primary job is to make that input as good as possible.

Of course, if you go with Reason, you get the benefit of all that virtual processing gear, a world-class console, and a kick-ass soft synth and ROMpler. Good luck, and I hope to welcome you soon to the Reason community!
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