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Old 2012-07-23, 20:43
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The old Rebirth input device should definately be updated as a Rack Extension, to allow Rewire inputs from other Rewire-enabled applications, like Renoise, Cubase, Logic, FL, Reaper, S1. This would let us master our hardware midi/VSTi synths in the Reason mixer.
Old 2012-07-23, 23:44
aisling aisling is offline
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+1, and please add midid out so I can use my moog or virus. You already took me away from DP, lets seal the deal!
Old 2012-08-01, 00:02
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If the props did this either Rewire master or midi out I would be the happiest person in the world
Old 2012-08-03, 03:16
izunnamusiclab izunnamusiclab is offline
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+1 on this issue.
Old 2012-08-19, 22:52
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Originally Posted by flightONE View Post
If the props did this either Rewire master or midi out I would be the happiest person in the world
Considering how much money I've given the Props over the years, a thousand times yes. I could write my own slave MIDI-Out sequencer, or something, if Reason was the Host. Or give us MIDI out and I can buy my one hardware synth that I want and be done with it.

Reason 6.5 is PERFECT... EXCEPT for this one feature.

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