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Originally Posted by Bonkhead View Post
That all said, some acoustic threatment is necesary always in my opinion. The most simple way to get fast good results is to use a mirror in the walls to check if you can see your monitors on the walls/ceiling. Those are the places you need to put some acoustic foam are (like I often like as a cheap solution) get heavy thick left over sale carpet at your local carpet dealer and places that on the wall with like 3 to 8 cm's in between plus soem place between the wall and the firts layer of carpet. It's very cheap and can give you great results for the hi and mid frequenties, even some low (depending on how heavy/thick the carpet is).

Last month I had to thrash 3 of my 6 panels (2m2 meter per panel) due to pulverising due to age. These where expensive acoustic pyramid foam panels a 120 euro's a piece. The carpet ones are still allright and not much diffrence in sound if you compare those.
I've never heard about the first later of carpet for acoustical treatment but there are cheap DIY options our there. had some useful info on DIY acoustical panels. At least at minimum put some panels up to get rid of your early reflections on the side walls and ceiling. I went with the DIY with pretty good results. I do need to do a lot more bass trapping though whenever I can raise some funds for the materials.

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Woah I definitely want to sound proof my room like that. I am planning on doing some treatment rather than just strategic placement. In the mean time on a budget of $0 due to buying equipment, do you think that I could get away with using bed comforters and maybe even a carbet as some light acoustic comforters?

Also, I don't want to be completely anal about bass reflex, it just turns me off a bit. I'll probably still aim for the hs50m's:P

Thank you, everybody, once again!
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Originally Posted by LouEh View Post
Woah I definitely want to sound proof my room like that.
Don't get confused with the difference between sound absorption and sound proofing. Sound proofing cost alot to achive and has to do with not allowing sounds to escape your studio, again it's very expensive. Sound absorption is what your going to want to go after. Taking care of eliminating your early reflections, bass trapping and broadband absorption are not going to stop all the sound from escaping your studio (sound proofing) although it probably will lower the level coming out though. With sound proofing you'll need to have an extra wall frame with dry wall and use a mass loaded vinyl barrier between them. Again not cheap. I know you meant sound abstention and not sound proofing but just wanted to fill you in that there is a big difference between the two terms.

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