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Old 2012-08-24, 05:28
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unfixable reason latency (yes I have ASIO!)

Hey all, I'm new so bear with me...

I had Reason running perfectly last week, but yesterday I got some new drivers from Dell and it screwed everything up. now there's huge latency and nothing I do will fix the problem. I tried reverting back to old sound drivers, I've messed with the buffering all day long, Im running ASIO drivers, I just have no clue why there is a delay after I hit a key. it has nothing to do with my computers ability to handle the sound, because no matter how large a sound sample I choose, its still the exact amount of delay as last time. I even just invested in driver detective to make sure everything is up to date and it is. It's still not working! I dont know much about sound config, but I know enough to have been able to know what to search for and how to closely follow every step in the forums about solving the latency issue. Im just sick of hearing "make sure your ASIO driver is selected". Any advice will be greatly appreciated I'm dying over being completely stuck with no way to record!

Thanks in advance!
Old 2012-08-24, 06:17
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System Restore to revert back to before the new dell drivers were installed.

(Press F1 slowly and repeatedly while computer is booting up to access system restore)


try uninstalling and re-installing everything reason/asio related to see if that does anything.

To comment on another post in the feature suggestion area - this is exactly why I do not like the incremental update approach.

It's totally possible that the dell update overlaid or changed something in a way that causes previously installed software (i.e. reason) to break.

if so, the un- and re- install of reason should fix the issue.

also contact dell "support" and tell them their last update trashed your computer.

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Old 2012-08-24, 11:53
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Might help if you tell people what OS, version of reason and what Soundcard you are using.

Just because you have ASIO doesn't mean you'll get low latency, especially with MB (built in) soundcards.
Old 2012-08-24, 12:49
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Dell sounds drivers shouldn't have any effect on your audio interface unless you are using ASIO4ALL and the internal sound card. Unfortunately you haven't provided this information so it's not easy to help.
Old 2012-08-24, 14:50
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What is your pc specs, os and what interface do you have? It sounds to me like your buffer size just got changed. My apologies if this offends you but you did say you were new...did you open the asio control panel for your interface and drop the buffer size down? The lowest setting that your pc supports will offer the best latency results. My pc is a little older so I eirher change my buffer size down to min or use direct monitoring on my interface when I record. Once I ave my basic tracks laid then I jack the buffer to max when I'm adding effects, mixing, etc. not shure if it's the "right" way but it's my workflow.
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Old 2012-08-24, 17:17
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you have asio ok that's cool but sometimes you need asio4all and it is free , I have a friend that run a big power pc and he could not find the source of his latency , he change a lot of asio setings but nothing much changed so I told him to get asio4all he did not lissen at all first and the day he wanted to blow up his pc he tryed asio4all since it is free and he was very happy to see that it fixed everything ! but it is not always the problem sometimes it is just some regular asio problems!

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