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Old 2012-08-24, 03:20
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Tincture's Electric Damnation (AP Electric Sex ReMix)

Our fellow Reason user Tincture asked me if I wanted to remix one of his tracks and here is what I've come up with thus far:

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Old 2012-08-24, 07:57
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Like the staggard kick/snare pattern. Decent sounds too. The first pad is nice, the bass line that kicks in a few bars deep is a little hard to hear. Great transition around 32 seconds in. The vocal sample could be a touch louder. Good sounds so far, sounds like the bass line and gtr line are following the same midi notes. I like the area around 127 where you drop the drums for a second, again the voice sample could be louder in the mix. The overall mix could be a little tighter, maybe the release on some of your sounds could be shortened a bit. There's a lot going on in the middle of the track and becomes a bit sonically busy. Key compression with your kick could make it pump a little better. Whatever you add around 310 sounds cool but needs to be mixed better. Work on your mix. Get rid of some of the clutter and you have a really good track. Sounds kinda 80's and in a good way!
Old 2012-08-24, 21:46
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Thanks for your tips. The mix is quite busy. I have an awful habit of layering too much stuff. It needs to be pruned down most def. I love that 80's sound...
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