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Cool Sea Breeze - Samba-influenced D'n'B

Sup fellow propheads!

Don't you hate when real life gets in the way of your late-night music sessions? I do, I haven't had time to work on tunes in well over a month and it's been killing me.

Finally started to have some evenings free in the past week though so I polished off a number I started just before the month from Hell began. This piece is heavily influenced by Samba, with a video game feel, carried along by some oldskool drum n' bass stylings.

I finally made use of some Rack Extensions with this one too, using the Slice Arranger for some fun effects throughout the track, and the Saturation knob to thicken/spice up a few of the synths.

Now, go have a listen! Vote me a 5! Download this beautiful piece of electronic sorcery!

Sea Breeze {durn}

Please do let me know what you think of the track, pick it apart! Lend me your ears but feed me your criticisms!

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Wow, it's amazing piece you've there mate, such a lushy sound, cool drums & kinda glichy breaks stuff on the drum section!

Very cool music!
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You've done a nice job on this one Durn!

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