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Originally Posted by DIGITUS View Post
Markers would still be a great addition. Not everyone uses blocks because they don't fit everyone's work flow.
Well, if you don't use blocks for sequencing, then use blocks for markers.
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I create a blank part in a important instrument (F3) and y slice him. A slice for a part of the song. On each part write her name
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Originally Posted by selig View Post
First off, you can use Blocks as markers even if you're not "using" blocks for tracks.

But like dreampolice says, it's not very easy. You can't 'drop' and name a marker as the song plays, or edit the name without first going into blocks mode, and you can't "go to" a block's location like you can with a marker. You can't see all the blocks in order in a list - you must zoom all the way out to see all the blocks/markers, nor can you use blocks to create selections, like to select everything from the top of Chorus 2 to the end of the Bridge, for example. :-)
you can label them like other clips, it works okay. it would be cool to see blocks' functionality expanded.
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Where the blocks are on top of the sequencer, I could do with another lane like that, for marking positions.
My mind is glowing

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I too want markers.
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Markers will make transition to Reason more attractive to users of other DAWs.

Its a very useful feature, and is desirable when recording live.
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Originally Posted by SNB1 View Post
Well, if you don't use blocks for sequencing, then use blocks for markers.
Yes, I guess the workflow thing doesn't apply in this case. However, I still think blocks are a cumbersome clunky work around for markers. In my imagination, the markers would be similar in appearance to the left and right loop markers but with triangle flags at the top. Think Wavelab style markers done Props style.
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