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Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Apple. But I see no reason to keep an old machine that won't run my software anymore. The latest PT, Adobe stuff, R+R. Lots of plugins are dropping PPC, it is just time to move on to intel stuff. Honestly the current Mac Mini's are much more powerful that my dual G5 so I can probably get one of those and a G-drive and I am good to go.
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Wink I know you love mac

oh... sorry DP... not angry or anything..... I just can't afford to continue the upgrade race with all my apps and programs at the moment. I bought reason 5 and record 1.5 to use on the powerbook in the other room.... and then, the money ran out, although the upgrade was reasonably priced.... My machines do what I need them to do, for now. Happy New Year....
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Originally Posted by baruke View Post
Will Reason 5 work with my G5 Dual 2.0 PowerPC or will i be forced to get a new Intel powered Mac?
I dont think so man , i think you might need to get intel i have the same problem
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Originally Posted by phasys View Post
Well, that's not bad, because 15 years ago it was still quite tricky to run music on a PC. Nowadays it's pretty good though.
Agreed I'm using a G5 right now and saving to get a PC I have a family i don't have extra money to buy a mac every 5 years or so. Apple is cutting off a lot of older machines support,some only 3 years old! I'll never buy another mac period! With a pc you will be able to run programs till the MB or CPU burns out,mac computers will last for years but apple will find a way to stop support for it to get you to buy another one.
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