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Old 2012-08-25, 05:56
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Hi, I'm fairly new here. just had a listen and liked it. From what I've read the guitars aren't recorded? They're sample based? If so, can you point me to the refills please. Ta. Well done. I prefer early Marillion myself ;-)
Zac Scott
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Old 2012-08-25, 06:39
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Here ya go:
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Old 2012-08-25, 08:21
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Thanks. Looks like everything I've been after.
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Zac Scott
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Old 2012-08-25, 08:40
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This is a great song. I love the bass and everything just falls into place. One of the most impressive songs Ive heard on this forum.
Old 2012-08-25, 11:24
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Great song. BTW, what's wrong with Roger Waters' singing? It could be worse, it could be Nick Mason .
Old 2012-08-25, 16:26
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Thanks for all the comments and support, guys. That's really cheered me up after a pretty miserable week!

Originally Posted by ryszard View Post

Loved that slightly dirty bass sound. Can you tell me how you got that?
The bass is the Jazz Studio patch from REB-Expander, with the "Studio - 112D" mic patch, around 75:25 Neck to Bridge ratio. There's a parallel processing chain with 50% feedback Scream and a bit of Unison on the top-end for subtle grit - so subtle that if I took it out you'll miss it, but with it there you won't really notice it.

Originally Posted by paulred67 View Post
what's wrong with Roger Waters' singing? It could be worse, it could be Nick Mason .
lol, very true. I don't mind Waters, but this vocal sounds in that kind of ball-park with the Polar doubling.

Even though I'd like to be Neil Hammond, I'm probably nearer to Rick Wright vocally though, in the sense that it's very Home Counties and with no projection ability whatsoever, kind of half-way between talking and singing. From the these comments, perhaps it worked better than I thought...
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Old 2012-08-25, 18:55
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Thumbs up

This is a great song you have here JP!
Old 2012-08-27, 14:28
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My wife just said "that was very pleasant" from the landing outside of my "studio". My opinion is similar .

It isn't particularly P.F.ish but I can see where you are coming from.
The intro piano is a little "clunky" but when the track kicks in all is good. The bass is excellent.
Best track I've heard from you JP.

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