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5 Previews - Dynamoto

Hello REfellows!
After many many years bedroomproducing (14?) and many many unfinished tracks (>550? + ~150 lost) I finally decided to go more public (I'm not really Motorbass, if some of you know them) and get stuff done. My new alias is Dynamoto.

I uploaded 5 previews of some newer tracks of mine. Preview sounds better than WIP, but they are essentially WIP ;] The first 3 ones are closer to being done though. I promise, I will post the finished songs.

Would be awesome if you guys would listen and give some critique. Somehow the quality and volume got lost even if I worked with WAVs, oh well. All 100% Reason of course! But psssh. ;]

Melody Dubstep ?
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Trancy Progressive ?
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These last two are still more in the experimental phase
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Thank y'all and the Props!

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Pretty cool. I really like "under the hood", there's some nice sound design going on with the glitchy bassline there...
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Thank you!
It is encouraging to hear that there are people who like even the least popular tracks. I like it too, it has potential I think but it's quite hard to produce patterns in a song like this that don't repeat too often and don't sound cheesy.

Even though they are short Previews with no perfect mixing, I wish more people would just listen to them so I can get more critique. Should I try sharing them in a big Group(s) on Soudcloud or what could I do?

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