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Originally Posted by selig View Post
I'm confused - pitch bend and transient shapers in the same post? Fast triggers? Transient shapers don't bend pitch or trigger anything. They are based on dynamics principles, so the fastest attacks available with compressors/limiters are also available with transient shapers (which is pretty fast!). Are we talking about the same thing here? :-)
Oh yeah sorry, I was a couple of steps ahead

First of all, I think almost any type of dynamic processing in the mix stage is only for problem solving. Like de-essing and other vocal and acoustic compression. The only thing for which it can be usefull is sidechain compresion (which also can be replaced with automation, but sidechaining is easier).

Most peaople I know use transient designers/shapers/whatever to add punch to percussive sounds or staccato synthlines.

For instance, snares and rides. Instead of adding these realtime with this audio processing in my opinion it's better to do this with offline editing (make samples of transient shaped sounds) or use realtime enveloppes (amp and/or pitch).

Using pitch bend and/or amp enveloppes will add punch to lots of sounds. I'm talking 2 to 9 msec over 7 to 24 semitones, depending on the source material. I've been doing this for years, works perfect.

I've never heard a transient designer whihc can handle fast 16th note rolls, especially when they are missing a release threshold when using this kind of audio dependant dynamics processing. when you have like full body 909 snaredrums rolls the signal doesn't drop enough to reset the attack of the transient shaper. I can hear it when this is used.

Using envelopes does not depend on this. Those are always retriggered by note data.
Also samples which already have the transient shape in it don't. Or synths ....

Try it !

I like to be in control all the time, not let some dynamic processor deside for me what's going to happen.
But I must say I really like the FET. It's the best problem solver I have in Reason 6.5, and it can distort too !!!!
It's also my favourite limiter for now.

But I understand the majority make less intense music than me, so for a lot of uses it can be used, but often just not for the fuller types of music where you sometimes use fast rolls with full sounds.

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