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Old 2012-06-01, 00:05
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Originally Posted by FunkDuBois View Post
I don't use any of them. I'm running a bodaceous Dell XPS notebook with Win 7, 16Gb ram , a cored out CPU, a phat zero-latency SSD, and a nice big HD 17" display. This thing will give any Mac a run for the dough. The days of needing a Mac for digital audio and music production are long gone. Besides, Macs are stupid expensive.
mac track pad is a game changer though. haven't used a mouse for two years. money well spent imo
Old 2012-06-01, 00:11
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Originally Posted by madmacman View Post
But after a few days I realized that this method has no advantages over the built-in possibility of Reason to maximize each part (rack, mixer, sequencer) with F5-F7 keys.
true, but you don't get much more on a 15' in this respect anyway. obviously you get to see more on a 15'. but then the bigger the screen, the more you see. nothing beats the inverted screen for rack and horizontal for the seq. which i don't have yet.

but talking about laptops? again, if you can work on a 13' some of the time, if you can get along with it, and if you travel a lot, well... whatever. i'm happy w a 13'. do what makes you happy.
Old 2012-06-12, 01:31
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The new Mac 15 are out! I can only say, damn the screen size is crazy.
Old 2012-06-12, 17:23
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get the 15 inchz and get a 23 inch hd monitor for 200box you will save 300 and be happy when you go on a trip for the gain of space!
Old 2012-08-31, 13:59
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I use a 15 ' plus an additional screen when i'm at home and it's ok.
Old 2012-08-31, 14:32
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would this be a good mac to run reason6 and the ne RE'S
Old 2012-08-31, 15:13
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I'm using a 13' because it has to fit into my backpack.
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Old 2012-08-31, 17:17
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I use the late 2011 dual i7 13" macbook pro model.

updgraded the RAM to 6gig and performance is fine.

Screen size is alright, i do run dual monitors however in osx lion you can just create more desktops and swipe between screens (sequencer on one desktop, mixer on another etc)

I bought the 13" model for more of a hybrid studio & DJ performance laptop.

I'm happy with it.
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