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Originally Posted by carlgrace View Post
This is really good, Raymond! You've got such a great style... very original while still staying accessible. It's interesting how different the versions of the track sound (the one with Predator and the one with Bitley's refill). I imagine the best version would be a mix, right? I really liked the mallet sounds in the Predator version for example... maybe you could think of using a Polysix for the pad... still haven't heard anything make a saw pad in Reason quite like Polysix.

Are all the drums from the DMX Kong kit?
Hi Carl.
Thanks very much for your feedback on the tracks.

I agree - a mix would be the best thing. Here I really wanted to jump into the deep end with Predator and I recommend the approach to anyone to learn about the synth.
Predator has its own character (which is a good thing), and can't replace the other great stuff like Bitley & JP Refills, Thor and Polysix. I'm delighted with the sounds we have available now. I'm yet to find a pad warmer than what Bitley has programmed from his JX-8p/JX-10s in Platinum refill. The only reason why there's a half bar of a JX chord in the original Frantic is cos I love the sound so much I wanted to sneak it in ha ha! And Polysix is awesome and edgy especially with it's gorgeous filter and ensemble effect.

I feel like I rushed it a bit to get it out, even with Predator alone, it could be a lot better. I also wanted to try and stick with the presets, where some of the sounds I think really I should have made (e.g. I couldn't find a good equivalent to the panning rez sound, and the one I chose really gets lost in the mix unfortunately).

I love that DMX Kit from Kings of Kong. Maybe because New Order's Blue Monday is one of my favourite tracks! I bought Kings of Kong after you told me you owned it ha ha!! The high hats are from the Simmons Drum kit from the same refill, and doubled with a Rex hat loop from the Reason factory bank.

Time to stop rambling :-)

Thanks again,

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