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The Line 6 sims aren't garbage. Don't judge them by the presets - those are pretty atrocious. You have to tweak and add some things to attain decent tones, but it can certainly be done. I have a basic FX chain saved with a Line 6 amp, Scream, compressor (Comp-01), Chorus (CF-101), The Echo, and Unison (UN-16). It gives me plenty of tweakability and i can bypass whatever i don't need. You can use the Body section of the Scream unit to further simulate cabs. Try a clean amp sim (A-30) with the comp, chorus, and some *light* Scream w/Tape or Tube setting with your guitar's volume down for clean tones. Try a heavier amp sim w/comp and more intense Scream settings (Tube, OD, Distortion) and Damage upped for heavy rock stuff. The possibilities are endless. One thing i really love about using the Line 6/Scream units together this way is the ability to get "outside the box" sounds. You can get some pretty freaky tones going, and the world really needs more original freaky guitar sounds. The old ones are getting boring. Don't forget about your guitar's volume and tone knobs in combination with everything else. They can play a crucial part in getting the sound you're after.

Originally Posted by XSTmusic View Post
And second, get a hardware guitar processor like a GT-10 or something... those Line 6 sims are garbage (or use another DAW and try Lepou's free vsts)

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