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Old 2012-09-01, 16:26
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Originally Posted by electricfusion View Post
Google for "control Reason w/ maschine".

The 1st entries should give you a good overview about this topic.
You can DL the templates for this in the NI forum.
Works like a charm!
I meant map in general not just for Reason. It offers a midi control mode and can be used like a MPD if one wanted it to be so why can't it be mapped?
Old 2012-09-01, 17:17
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Originally Posted by dreampolice View Post
Once you go Maschine you will never use an MPC again.
Try selling your MPC with any luck at the moment though :/
Old 2012-09-01, 18:29
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The hardware is geared for V2 I reckon. A Mark I controller will hold for now, but I imagine that a V2 software with a lot of the highly requested DAW features is on it's way. During the last "On the Record" session the NI devs dropped several hints that a ground up rewrite was on it's way but not for a while yet.

The new master rotary is vital for this progression in software, and it allows NI a bit of flexibility as well. Most likely the first software to really warrant the new control scheme will come out next year.

Oh and lots of pretty colours........ no comment

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