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Virtual Studio Control (VSC) Technology

To: The Board of Directors, Staff and Associates
From: Rev. Frank Paul Jones
RE: Network and DAW (VSC) Technology Design
RE: Virtual Studio Control (VSC) Technology Design Applications

Date: 1 September 2012

Open Letter:

We at the NCNCHINC have a need for a unique and powerful communications system, that is cost effective. We have a need for Cisco System Technology embedded in DAW technology at multi levels. But like all things worth having sometimes it takes time and effort to accomplish the goal of a secure and high tech communications system.

We will use the information I am gaining as well as some of our associates plan to gain information about Information Technology (IT) at South Florida State College. We will have Comcast setup a business cable installation. We will therefore have access to the World Wide Web (WWW), telephone and cable television at the Blue Temple Building. This is just the beginning because then comes our ability to apply Information Technology (IT).

Being that my understanding of network fundamentals is basic, my level of elaboration will be simplistic, but it is the idea and vision that is being described that is my actual query. As this is more a question than answer manuscript.

As the cable enters the building at a secured location we will setup a router, with 8 ports for plenty of high secured communications. This will also be used to create a LAN (local area network). We will have wireless capabilities using encryption software. As wireless communications do have risks, we will have to accept the compromise to be cost effective with our LAN design. Using Windows OS on all computers and a server, we will design a network to share files within the recording studios, newspaper and conference room, to homes around the country.

What we plan to do that is so unique is to setup a WAN network between New York City and Florida, to allow for the production of material in New York to be produced in Florida in real time and visa versa, by allowing the control of a computer from one location to control another computer at the Blue Temple, such as Gambino and Jones studios in Florida. This will be a template for the protocol we will use nationwide to work with artists around the world.

This will be a new and total experience of music sharing at the business level of music. Because this is a network, we will also have other capabilities from the Blue Temple such as security and surveillance, teleconferencing to make daily business decisions, shared web bogging, secured IP phone communications and much more, not to forget basic file sharing.

This will allow for a system designed to integrate the Organization across state and international borders. This is a new technology for the basic end user with a moderate budget. This is a new technology of file sharing business music files whereby copyrights is still an issue. Therefore this is a trade secret at local level, but the technology has to be shared at a broad base of consumers to be cost effective. This new technology calls for accommodating DAW technology.

Propellerhead Reason 6.5 started something that can transcend into a springboard to moving this new technology forward and to the forefront of how DAW technology will be used to do real time distant collaborations between two or more artists. Rack Extension Technology use in Reason 6.5 requires Internet connections is some cases, whereby the information comes from a server at Propellerhead.

Such a service could be offered by DAW software giants, whereby a server could be setup and shared at a moderate cost, then we would be able to somewhat rent these services and Rack Extensions used in such projects in collaborations across state lines. The idea is to borrow devices and effects to master a collaboration project, from two separate and distinct locations on the globe. This could be called virtual studio control technology or VSC Technology.

To: The Board of Directors, Staff and Associates
From: Rev. Frank Paul Jones
RE: Virtual Studio Control (VSC) Technology Design Applications
Date: 1 September 2012

This is a continuation of Network and DAW (VSC) Technology Design, which briefly introduced a new way of using an Internetwork made up of LANs and WANs. We would use a TSP (telecommunications service provider) for a private WAN from out of Avon Park, FL, to act as a artery that will be spiked into at the local home studios around the country and New York City.

This technology will be in high demand for many professional producers and serious hobbyist alike. This will require a Host and Slave program sort of like the technology behind Rewire Technology. However, unlike Rewire technology whereby the Host and Slave is installed in the same computer, for example Cubase 4 studio and Reason 5, whereby Cubase is the Host program and Reason is the Slave both being installed in the same computer. VSC Technology integrates two computers whereby one acts as the Host and the other a Slave by voluntary submission becoming one thru shared files using a server.

This will require a Host program to exist which as of the time of this writing does not exist. VSC Technology has to be a standard protocol that can be universally implemented. In the case of Propellerhead Reason 7 can offer a major breakthrough whereby Reason 7 Producer can act as a Host program as well as a slave, Reason 6 Studio for about a third of the price can act as a Slave. Reason 7 Producer and Studio will need a specially designed audio interface to carry out these tasks?

Also the Producer program will come with an account to enable access to the server that allows VSC Technology to operate on real time. The setup can be complex or simple, from additional services like video monitoring whereby the two studios can see each other as the talk using web cams to simple computer manipulations from a remote location.

This technology can create jobs for people who are talented but not accessible in person. It allows more security for high profile celebrities, because now they can collaborate with many more producers and writers who would have never normally had access to these people because they will never have to leave their homes.

The process as to how this will work or elements of communications are straightforward, basically both the Host and Slave will sign on to a server to become connected at a Propellerhead location in different cities using Internet connections. The audio interfaces will have a special router built into them that allows VSC technology to communicate. Or there could be an industry standard router with VSC Technology embedded. This could be manufactured by Cisco Systems.

If we create a standard router with VSC technology, then all the DAW industry can join in on the idea of using severs to connect two distinct computers into their programs by designing Host and Slave VSC Technology programs. rather the technology is in a router of audio interface it should be a Cisco System Design and DAW industry software application.
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Originally Posted by FPJ3459 View Post
then we would be able to somewhat rent these services and Rack Extensions used in such projects in collaborations across state lines

What you're suggesting is basically a tool hire shop for virtual plugins. And like hiring a drill from HSS, once you've bought it you can rent it out and Bosch don't see a penny more. Now, that's fine if I only need to drill a few holes over the weekend. I saved money on a drill, you made money from me renting it from you, and once a few other people have hired it from you, you've paid for the drill and are thus then in proft from the next person to hire it.

But what happens if I find I need to drill a few more holes the following weekend? If I'd just bought the damn drill from B&Q last weekend to begin with I'd have spent the same as hiring it twice and I could use it again next weekend if find I need to drill one last hole.

Schemes like this only ever benefit the middle-man, never the end-user, or the developer.

Propellerhead licences one Reason installation at a time per user. Same with Rack Extensions.

So in your vision do RE (or any other DAW plugin) creators get paid for devices shared between users every time they use it, in effect HSS pay Bosch for every time I hire a drill? That benefits, to an extent, the developer, if the poor guy who hires it hires it more often than the drill is worth. But that's a mightily cynical way of operating as in the long term the hiree is far worse off.

Edit: And one other thing - this bit cracks me up
" It allows more security for high profile celebrities"

Are these the same high profile celebrities who are happy to sell you their drill but get upset if you lend it to anyone else, but with this proposed system are more than happy for you to lend them yours?
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Pretty good evaluation, but we missed the main point. The objective is to produce other artist for a distinct location. In my case, I am in Florida with artist who want to work with me in New York City whereby travel is not feasible.

We need a server located as a middle man being Propellerhead or Steinberg and so on. Propellerhead Licensing would have to accommodate two users in collaboration, whereby one end user operates two computers at any given time.

The drill bits are being rented because otherwise both end user would have to own it to use it in collaboration which is fine if you want to make these purchases for a single collaboration. Still a license to allow one end user the right to two computers simultaneously.

VSC Technology is the remote access of another computer to the operation of DAW technology.
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VSC Technology Security & Issues

RE: VSC Technology Security & Issues
Date: 3 September 2012

If this technology is made to the general public for business use certain innate security concerns come to surface. If a person is given access to your computer to what degree will you allow voluntary submission and access. Certainly we do not want to open all our files and applications to a person by whom we are simply engaging in a business arrangement to do a collaboration. Being the average user of a DAW, uses more than these software applications in their computer.

And then there is copyright issues and the protection of these session by unwanted third parties. These are just a couple of security issues that have to be addressed. It is imperative that the communications are secured.

The VSC Technology Router and Audio Interface would be a key element to a secure configuration. It will insure end user authentication, encrypt the signals and decrypt the signals and limit the use of program application access, while allow basic file sharing and the one computer connected directly to the intermediary device.
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Its nice that You want tpo produce for people in another state without leaving home but.... you're kinda asking for alot of money current users may not want to spend.

Splitting up Reason 7 into Studio and Producer? We already have Reason Essentials and Reason which already have set differences. And definitely not interested in my future upgrade options being split when I already own the full version.

Need for a specially designed audio interface? No thanks, I appreciate that the current interface balance, is an option and not a requirement. For that I would just be a Pro tools HDX user. I would hope that your plan, if this is ever really considered, is to have that as optional and not required for use of the software (that wasn't made clear).

Access to more high profile celebrities? The way the industry in pretty much any artistic field works is based of credibility- basically whats been done and how successful it was- in addition to being in the right place at the right time- Celebs have access to no name producers and musicians now, making it easier to connect (not really sure how this makes it easy for celebs to connect btw) will not change the fact that big name artists will look for someone they feel can bring out a certain sound or almost guarantee them a successful project. The average joe who sits home and does nothing will be in the smae place.

Also have you checked out Ohm Studio? They basically have the same concept and make it work without all the dedicated device stuff. It just doesn't have rewire.
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Theres been lots of systems like this proposed (or at least solutions for this "issue") but in the end it turns out theres no problem to be solved. People still either send tracks back and forth or just gather in a studio to record
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Originally Posted by nhansen View Post
...theres no problem to be solved. People still either send tracks back and forth or just gather in a studio to record
Thats pretty much it in a nut shell, I just somehow left that out of my ran...uh...reply.
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VSC Networking and Design

To: The Board of Directors, Staff, Associates and my Fellow Classmates
From: Rev. Frank Paul Jones
RE:VSC Networking and Design
Date: 4 September 2012

Actually this document is the solution to a query addressed in my introduction to a new way of using DAW technology using already developed technology thru designing and implementing software applications in a controlled environment. Therefore security is a factor both in cyberspace over a WAN network to the actually location of the LAN. Confidential clearance.

There are several approaches to designing a LAN to have remote access of a computer in another geographical area/location. Though the aim is mass production, the ideal design would be peer to peer communications. The difference between the two is a matter of investment capital. As a small business would prefer more access over more autonomy, but due to the current market in the DAW industry whereby the license agreement is to one end user, to make this work the producer has to be the end user at both locations. A special users license agreement has to be drawn.

We need to use IT technology as well as good ole police work to pull this off. The NCNCHINC has ownership of a two story building needing immediate roof work and otherwise is in very good condition. We will use this facility to carry out these tasks. We need Cisco Technology thru a grant if possible. As we are a non profit corporation we plan to finally after 3 years apply for our 501 c 3 statuses. Once that is done we can apply for grants for large corporations. For now we are depending on philanthropic given by our staff, associates and my family actual funds almost all activities. It is hard times in America.

The VSC Technology Solution for Windows:

Connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection
With Remote Desktop Connection, you can access a computer running Windows from another computer running Windows that is connected to the same network or to the Internet. For example, you can use all of your work computer's programs, files, and network resources from your home computer, and it's just like you're sitting in front of your computer at work.
To connect to a remote computer, that computer must be turned on, it must have a network connection, Remote Desktop must be enabled, you must have network access to the remote computer (this could be through the Internet), and you must have permission to connect. For permission to connect, you must be on the list of users. The steps below include adding names to that list.

To find the Remote Desktop Connection shortcut, click the Start button , click All Programs or Programs, and then click Accessories. To quickly open Remote Desktop Connection, open the Start menu, and then type mstsc in the Search box.

• You cannot use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to computers running Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Basic N, or Windows Vista Home Premium. You can, however, connect from those editions of Windows Vista to computers running other versions of Windows.
• You cannot use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to computers running Windows XP Home Edition.
For more information concerning the reasoning behind this conclusion read further:
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I read a small fraction of what's been written so my response is stemming from being pretty ignorant on the topic....but uh it seems easier to just have both people buy the fu$^in rack extension(s). Or simply bounce the audio the rack extension has as a .wav if one of the parties doesnt want to spend the money.
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The idea is to bring talent and technological know how together and to give producers more reach over geographical areas without necessarily traveling long distances to collaborate. The only additional costs should be a second end user license in an agreement with the DAW software manufacturer.

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