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Originally Posted by bigant View Post
Yea it was just a loop i was really just trying to get opinions on the over all mix it's not finished yet,i'll do the arranging later,right now I'm working on my mixing skills. I pretty can do all the breakdowns and arrangement already need to work on mixing. The kick and everything else came from my Korg Triton it's the only kick that i will use as a sample,all my kicks that i use now are from sine waves not samples. In my opinion you just don't get that round thump with samples with out adding a lot of layering. Yea i wanted the kick and the strings to standout mostly i wanted to see how hard i could the kick without it bleeding over the strings to gauge how far i remix it. I've already created a combi using thor as the kick till i upgrade to motu BPM which already has the features i need.
Did you download the demo from sonic specialist? They're some serious hip hop drum samples. At least check out their website.
Hope you get the beat and the mixing down packed, off to a good start. Mixing is an art like no other. Great book I've been reading right now "the audio engineers handbook". It has alot of interviews from top mixers and they give their tips to how they approach mixing a song. I'm still trying to work on improving my mixing skills also. I'm never 100% satisfied with my mixes so I just move on to the next production. "Art is never finished only abandoned" - Leonardo da Vinci
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I think kong is pretty good--but I like the controls in redrum--I'm sure its just habit. I just don't under stand the lack of repeat note and/or nurse rex looping--sort of the same thing. Looping a sample is interesting--I'll look at that. Now I create a 1 or 2 bar repeat in recycle and use that in nurse rex--not really a lot of work. Simalarly, poster could make a thor .rex of drum hits and bring that in. Not super elegant, but effective. I think ableton has deeper functionality than reason, but i keep comming back to Reason, even if I am employing work arounds.

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