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Old 2012-09-04, 01:47
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Originally Posted by kingdubrock View Post

Often when people praise Reason from a competitive standpoint it comes down to all the widgets you get for the price, the "one stop shop" factor. Or how you can (arguably) do what you can do with other DAW's and plugs for a fraction of the cost.

Fair enough.

But aside from this, from a creative standpoint, what does Reaaon offer that is truly unique? In other words, why might someone who can afford to an entire setup in another DAW use Reason instead of or in addition to some other fully stocked solution?

The first thing that comes to mind is the CV's. As a creative tool, they are pretty cool. Stability is often touted. But thats sort of "meh" from a creative standpoint. Undo's? Ok...

After that, i start to get fuzzy.

If you worked for Props' marketing dept, what would you tell me?
I don't agree with Reason being cheaper than all DAW alternatives.

A personal Reaper license can be had for $60 and there are tons of legit freeware VSTs and VSTis and a few VST samplers/soundfont players out there. The workflow wouldn't be nowhere as cool though.

I think one of the biggest pluses with Reason is it's huge factory library. Most DAWs with the exception of Logic have pretty weak Factory Sounds.

Sonar has some great synths but not as great presets and okay bread and butter instrument sounds.

Studio One has decent bread and butter sampled sounds but weak synths.

Even Live which a lot of people love its factory sounds kind of only caters to the electronica crowd. I didn't care for its library.

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+1 on that. Buy Reason and start making professional grade music and mixes. Not possible with Ableton Live, Cubase or Reaper.
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Old 2012-09-04, 03:52
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Originally Posted by kingdubrock View Post
And I would probably find an empty platitude like that suspicious and buy something else. Good thing you dont work for Propellerhead.
No, but I have worked retail, as a seller of technology with varying features (phones), and I am a consumer, and a Reason customer at that. I myself find anything a salesperson says suspicious just on the face of it, because quite often salespeople are A) dishonest; or B) kind of stupid/misinformed.

I myself did not buy Reason as a result of comparing competitive company hype. Maybe I'm unusual in this regard, but when I buy something, I don't respond much to "this program does X thing better than this other program," - I ask the questions, "What do I want to do with a program?", and "Does this program do the thing I want it to do?" After that, it's mostly aesthetics at work.

As a seller of phones, I sold fewer phones than my fellow sales associates. However, I also had far fewer returns. I can't know for sure, of course, but I've long attributed it to having a clearer understanding than my co-workers of what each phone was capable of, as well as attempting to get right to the root of what the customer needed, instead of trying to load the most expensive device possible on them to maximize my commission. And if you take that route, you may wind up having to give up ground on the supposed superiority of your product in order to maintain a principle of serving the customer's needs, as opposed to serving the customer's needs but only with the limited stock you have on hand.

This is, of course, a form of retail heresy in some circles, which is probably why I didn't last super-long in that job.

Originally Posted by kingdubrock View Post
I found a thread somewhere very interesting where a guy got completely flamed asking about how widely adopted Reason is by influential professionals. Childishness and viciousness aside, none of these flamers made a solid objective case for chosing Reason over competitors.
A reason for that is probably that there really is no fully "objective" case for choosing Reason over any other program. Does Reason do anything that other DAWs cannot? Aside from being able to connect CVs easily from device to device and the like, I don't think so. Reaper's interface is clunky in many ways, but I can route audio in creative patterns if I am patient and thoughtful about it. Reason is (for me) just more intuitive and convenient. And if that's the extent of the "competitive advantage", then all else is simply subjective preferences. Some people swear by Ableton and Fruity Loops. I never could get accustomed to their systems.

Even what advantages Reason may have are only selling points if that's what a customer desires. Someone might not have any use for a modular cabling rack system. Someone might just like the looks of one DAW over the others. And then there's the inherent hype of "the industry standard", which is the least objective thing of all, but I think does drive a lot of sales. You can't oppose that with a list of advantages.

Which isn't to say that this is a completely worthless topic or exercise to discuss; just to put it into a bit of perspective with the larger picture.
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Old 2012-09-04, 05:45
kingdubrock kingdubrock is offline
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All your opinions are noted.
None of which invalidate the concept of competitive advantage or the premise of the thread, but thank you for the attempt. Its part of what makes this forum so enjoyable.

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