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Runs just fine on my 2.5 year old AMD Phenom x4 w/4gb RAM. You should be fine
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Goin for it. Thanks guys.
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I've struggled a bit with the shear size of this ReFill, but have managed to make it work for me. I have a 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo with 4 GB RAM, and on larger tracks it feels like the CPU is right on the edge (until I remember to quit other apps) - but in the end it works and is worth it. BTW, even with occasional CPU issues, the exports sound perfect.

I find that the samples don't take (or need) EQ or compression well, as they are already EQ'ed and compressed.

Here's a demo using the 1st ReFill, Gretsch kit:
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Nice track.

I decided to go for Vol II when I read it had a snare from 1890.

But then this.

Transaction failed

We are sorry, but your purchase could not be completed since the credit card verification failed. This does not have to mean that the credit limit on the card is used up. It can also be a temporary problem with the communication between the debitech server and your bank.

If you continue having problems placing your order, try selecting a different payment method; we also support PayPal.

Server message: authentication denied.

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