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Old 2012-09-07, 00:04
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Professionally recorded vocals and instrument stems, no matter how few you use will drastically change the overall sound when played together with, for argument's sake, unprofessional, dry, drumparts.

Your ears "fill in" the difference sort of speak.

Muting those three parts you've used (vocals, horns, strings) in your remix while everything else is playing vs. unmuted everything should let you hear the "everything else" parts in a completely different light (they'll seem far less impressive sounding and of a different quality).

Though I agree Reason definitely had a sound of it's own and it could take quite alot of processing to end up with a satisfying endresult, I've never agreed with or understood those who viewed "the Reason sound" as something negative.

If anything, it thought me how to tweak and listen precisely and Combine all sorts of devicechains in a near-surgical fashion.
That said, I'm glad I bought Ozone and the Softube RE's Far less work to get a good, clean and clear mix.
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